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To Sim or not to Sim...that is the question

I'm Carissa, but you can call me Riss if you want. I'm twenty and the oldest of three girls. My youngest sister is 16 and the middle of us is 18. I graduated high school in J2012 and after a year of college, I've changed my major so I'm signed up for classes at the local community college starting in Fall.

As far as simming goes, I started playing when I was ten. My parents bought me the Sims Complete Collection. I don't even remember why. Two years later I bought myself the Sims 2 for Christmas and I slowly got all the EPs. When I first heard about the Sims 3, I thought it sounded stupid. But when my BFF got it and offered to let me come over and try it out, I thought "Why not?" When I left her house that day I really wanted to buy it, but it was another couple of months before I could get it and then get it to play on my computer. Ever since then I've switched between liking the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 better. Luckily my laptop can handle having both games installed, so I don't have to uninstall and then reinstall like when I had to share a computer with my sisters.

At the moment, I'm playing TS2 over TS3 but that might change in a few months. I am eager to see what the reviews are for TS4, but I won't be buying it right away. I might wait until Christmas or my birthday.

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